Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What to say..

I feel like such an intruder as I browse through other peoples Blog and not have one of my own....So this is mine! Please feel free to Intrude all you like!!

This is my Favorite time of the year!! I love the Fall! You can almost feel that change in the air that says Goodbye 100's Hello 80's... I love being a Florist in the Fall also. The flowers are just Amazing and you get to see all the deep tones you miss in the Spring... I have a blast with the wedding. You get to sell your brides the cool add In's that give that extra touch to each Bouquet! Would you like some Cone Thistle, Kangaroo Paw or how about Liquid Amber in your Bouquet? But its also the time of year that Over seed happens and we miss Chris a lot!! I can't tell you the last time that man was home for more then 2 hours before he headed off to bed.Good thing it's coming to an end...

Last Sat. We had our Ward Trunk or Treat Party. The kids had a Blast. My SS (Sweet Son)
was Dracula. I'm so happy I have kid that dislike the Scary Crap that gets put out there this time of year.He wasn't to sure about having blood drip from his "Fangs". In the End we went with a little..You Know to help him get in to character.
DD ( Darling Daughter) said he look like a Missionary with a Cape!!
DD went as a Butterfly. I spotted these Gorgeous Wing at a Wholesaler's show in Tucson! I knew she would love them! I promised her that next year I would let her Pick what she wanted to be.

Chris is like a kid at Halloween. He just had to Dress up.So he went as a Hill Billy. I had such a hard time looking at him with the teeth in. It was Just to Gross. I Begged for the wig and teeth to come out for one snap-shot.He was a not alone in his choice of costume.There were a few others that donned the Mullets and Teeth! But he was the only one with the Chops! He says their time is almost to an end. I guess we'll see if he can part with them when the time comes!!
Happy Halloween!